Behind Apollo is a team of scooter geeks who love what they do and don't take themselves too seriously. They came from all around the world, stumbled across scooters in different ways, and decided to join forces to build an electric mobility company. Since then Apollo grew in size, and got better. Today they offer a broad range of electric scooters that fit any use-case.

The Apollo Pro scooters

The Apollo Pro was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. Centred around high performance, it reaches a top speed of 38-42 MPH (60-70 KM/H) and boasts a range of 25-56 miles (40-90 KM) depending on riding modes. The advanced spring suspension system ensures the Pro can handle any trail and street alike, while the large deck gives you the space to ride comfortably for hours. The Apollo Pro sits at the cutting edge of scooter technology, while remaining within the realm of practicality.

The Apollo Explore scooters

The Apollo Explore was designed for city wonderers, looking for the next adventure instead of a charging port. Long gone are the days of avoiding hills to spare charge, the Explore is the designated hill-crusher. With a 52V 18aH battery and a 1000W motor, you might want to consider taking the highway instead of the bicycle lane*. The best part? All this performance is packed into a 52 LBS scooter (23 KG).