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  1. Very good. Easy to learn the basics . Bit heavy for me for carrying though. Most certainly easier with the aftermarket handle. Wished they made that standard .

  2. Orderes my onewheel XR, got it 4 days later (weekend was in between). 1 day earlier than expected so super happy. 1 small issue, the plug in the box is a US model instead of European. Contacted them, 10min later response, european model is on the way. So Amazing customer service.

  3. Ordered a replacement battery, product arrived quick even during the coronavirus pandemic. Great service!

  4. Waited a long time but my pre order came in last week. Have been riding it in my city of Leiden to my university. It really is a joy to ride. Took me a day of figuring out the right way to steer, but after that it becomes natural.

  5. Bought the Onewheel and love it so much, I do my daily commute with it and its a great workout!